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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Look after your skin please

Browsing through the Cancer Councils website, I found some interesting reading about the stats and cost of skin cancer in Australia.

We have the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world, four times that of Canada, US and the UK. Skin cancer is also the most expensive to treat.

For surfers, sun burn is the major risk, so protection is vital!

The reminders about protection are as follows:

  1. Cover as much skin as possible, a long sleeved lycra "rash shirt" is the best option, as it protects when wet. There are also many 'surf hats' on the market. While they look quite "dorky", your scalp needs protection too! Particularly if you are a little thin on top!
  2. Sunscreen...broad spectrum 30+ is recommended, apply before you go in, and at least every two hours after that.
  3. Look for shade. So after your surf, get out of there, and hide in the shade somewhere!
  4. Sunglasses in the water. Again, can look weird, be uncomfortable, but will protect your sensitive eyes from reflection.
  5. Avoid 10am to 3pm. Not always possible as good waves can happen any time!

Lastly, GET CHECKED!!!! It is a quick visit and early treatment can save you a lot of pain and cost. Its well worth it.

Surf Safe


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