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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Save your suit!

Tomorrow the air temperature is going to be 6 degrees early!! That's the truth, and my only strategy to keep my courage up is to have a big bowl of curry tonight, and then a few cups of hot coffee in the morning!
I have also checked and double checked the wetsuits I have packed, and even tried to work out a way of wearing two at a time to keep me warm.

While the curry is cooking, I look for inspiration regarding my wetsuit dilemma, just looking for clues I find the "A-Z of surfing's practical terms". This is a little booklet produced by Australia's Surfing Life. The only message I could find is about  "wetsuit, cleaning of..." Off the subject, but worth a posting.

 Wetsuits do get dirty.... wax, urine (yes we do!), saltwater, bits of sunscreen and sand.
The message is - Let your suit soak in a big tub of warm to hot water with DISH WASHING DETERGENT for about 10 minutes, giving it a good swish around, every now and then. Then hang it up , let it drip dry.

Its true that learn something new everyday!


The curry was good...

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