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Saturday, 23 July 2011

The case FOR surfing...

I was sitting in front of the TV yesterday watching live action from Jeffries Bay, South Africa, and I noticed a commercial which included one of my favourites musicians...Donovan Frankenreiter, just explaining WHY he surfs! Its all so simple
The evidence is overwhelmingly in favour of why you should!!!

Here is my personal perspective on the case FOR surfing!!!

  1. You can just do it whenever you feel like!!! Its about independence and freedom. No scheduled kick-offs, no team meetings...just get out there and do it!
  2. The cost is low!! Well, if you don't keep turning over surfboards, like a do, it should be! All you need is a long board and/or short board (or any other wave catching craft), a wetsuit, legrope, and a bag and away you go. NO green fees, no admissions, no club memberships, and no annual fees!
  3. Good for body and mind. The physical exercise, socializing with fellow surfers, the connection with the environment....immeasurable good for you...
  4. Escape MODERNITIS. You just cant answer your mobile, check your blackberry, download an app, or update to Facebook....while you surf. Give that stuff a break!
  5. Any other good reason, all belongs...right here.
So ask yourself....why do you surf?

I surf because....I can.


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