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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Product Review: 7S Fish Futureflex Range

Before I give this board a plug, some background info!

Firstly, I have a business relationship with Global Surf Industry, who provide me with soft boards, which we use to teach new surfers the ropes, secondly, I am not being paid to write this review!

Ok, so here it is....

Over the past 36 years of my surfing life, and the past 3 years as a Surf Coach, I have ridden single fin short boards, twin fins, mini-mals and various sizes of Malibus, and to be honest this is the best start I have had in adjusting to a new board.

I purchased the 8 foot version, which was christened today, in small, clean shortbread waves, and rather crunchy I might add!

After 30 minutes and a dozen or so waves, this board should come with a warning!

It has the features of a longboard, with easy gliding down the face, ability to move up and back with ease, but more importantly, the turning circle of a short board! The tightness in the turning, is what took me by surprise, and will take a few more sessions to master.

One of my favorite boards in the home quiver is a 9'1 performance Malibu, which has the same volume as this 8 footer. The buoyancy is better, especially when you are just over 100kg!

I recommend you give it a go, and would even be a great first board!

Please have a look at the website for more details, checkout, search for 7S under "boards by brand"

Have a great Xmas...Regards Leighton

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Hi...yes it has been a while, no excuses...but I am back

My new best Friends and I have come up with a little competition! So have a read, and check out the link below, all you have to do is send a crazy surf related tweet pic to them and you go into the draw to win a surf lesson with us!

It will be too easy, but you will need a smart phone and some tech skills!!!

good luck and chat soon