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Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Gestalt effect....of surfing...

I'm has been a while again, just been out surfing myself and teaching. Whilst Im not going to get into some heavy psychology, one phrase that is used to describe then Gestalt effect is as follows...The whole is greater than the sum of its parts... To apply this to surfing means (in my view), is to look at all the parts that will increase your enjoyment and safety. Firstly...the board...ive mentioned in previous blogs that you are allowed to have more than one board, one for bigger waves, and one for smaller waves...start saving people. Secondly, the chat on accessories...don't buy a cheap flimsy legrope! Swimming back to shore to retrieve a loose board, will really annoy you! Buy two good ones, and keep a spare in the kit. Don't skimp on sunscreen...if it looks more like milk than cream....stay away from it! Invest in good wax...and keep a wax comb in your board shorts. Slipping and sliding when the surf is pumping, is no fun either. Finally, invest in a good quality sun shirt. I think the density of the fabric will last a lot longer than a cheap's worth the extra money spent! Paying attention to the little things, will add up to enjoyable surfing... Cheers and surf safe Leighton Ps...if you have little hair on your a good sun hat

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